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Daud Khan


Acclaimed exponent of Afghan and North Indian music, Ustad Daud Khan is a master of the Afghan rubab, the “lion of instruments”, and the Hindustani sarod; recognized worldwide for his major impact on the preservation, development and dissemination of this art.

In his native Kabul, he trained under master Ustad Mohammad Omar and acquired the art of performing popular melodies and classical ghazal with great subtlety and delicate ornamentation. He went on to study in India under master Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, becoming a distinguished interpret of the fine art of North Indian ragas. Artist in exile, his music is a tribute to the land of his childhood, drawing vivid inspiration from the unspoiled memories of its beautiful gardens, people and stories, of a simple yet rich life long gone but in the echoes of the rubab. A serene, spiritual evocation of peace and beauty.

For decades Ustad Daud Daud Khan has been performing all over the world in solo concerts, festivals or within ensembles with other renowned artists, while also dedicating his time to passing on his precious knowledge to disciples of all origins. In October 2022, his life dedication for music awarded him the prestigious Aga Khan Music Award, for his major impact on the preservation, development and dissemination of Afghan music worldwide

Aga Khan Music Awards 2022


Ustad Daud Khan gives rubab and sarod solo concerts (with tabla accompaniment), sings and performs with his ensemble of 3-4 musicians.

  • Afghan and Hindustani art music, mystic ghazals and folk melodies •
  • original Afghan instruments : rubab, tabla, tanbour, sarinda, dilruba



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Ustad Daud Khan
Naad Vistar, New Delhi (IN)