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Yol is an international artistic agency with a mission to promote acoustic sounds & traditional expressions, and build capacity for the future of intangible heritage. Based in Switzerland, nomads at heart.


In modern Turkic languages, yol means road or journey; before, among ancient shamanic Turk societies of Central Asia, the word described spiritual practices and experiences, a holy place or the way leading to the divine, extending its symbolism to music which accompanied rituals.

We focus on artistic expressions originating from the wider modal music world, following routes that cross Central Asia, Indian, Persian and Arabic cultures, Anatolia and the Balkans to the edge of Europe, with reverence for treasured heritage and caring ears for ever-changing traditions.

Our team is diverse with backgrounds in music, cultural studies and computer engineering, polyglot and well-travelled, with over ten years of practical experience in music management.

Booking and Production

We represent artists who we care deeply for, mostly based in Europe, and often collaborate on punctual projects and tours with others, striving to help them reach wider audiences and foster their art in a spirit of friendship. Through our networks in Switzerland, Italy, France and beyond we also facilitate exchanges with authentic artists who do not belong to the mainstream stage.

Artistic Direction

With our expertise we curate festivals, concert seasons or even museum soundtracks, thanks to a broad and acute knowledge of the non-globalized music scene and its traditions, which is often lacking among music producers. For above all we are musicians, music listeners and music lovers, and social media do not dictate the quality of music but a patient apprenticeship helps one see through the haze.

Digital Expertise

Focusing on traditions does not mean lagging behind! Engineering training means we offer a wide range of digital services in support of interesting projects, music and creation. From webdesign, best practices with digital archives, instruments and recordings expertise to full-fledged design and realisation of 360° soundscapes for virtual environments…